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Success Stories – Mission Hills Physical Therapy – Matrix Energetics – Integrative Manual Therapy

January 19, 2011
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Mission Hills is staffed with a great team of people who really care about their clients and have an extensive knowledge of health.  Christine S.

I really appreciate the holistic approach they take– not only do they work on the affected body part to bring it back to full function, but they look at what is going on throughout the entire body to see what may be related. Christine S.
After a week or so of doing the exercises, I was running without any problems.  David A.
Matrix Energetics helped me move on from areas I felt emotionally stuck in, to other outlooks which I feel serve me better, thus helping me to feel happier and more satisfied with life.  M.B.
I have been helped so much from the treatment here, and the care goes beyond the basics and is about how to create fundamental changes in life to improve everything.  Mick G.
Great view on holistic and integrative manual therapies.  They don’t just stick you on a machine that buzzes you, but will readjust the energies in your body and send you home with great tips.  Christie Y.
The therapy there is literally “laying on of hands”, but in a systematic way that works miracles!   S.H.
Through therapy I have more flexibility and tremendously decreased pain in ankle and foot. C.F.
When I first came to Mission Hills Therapy one month ago, I could barely walk. … they were able to help me feel better the first day. S.G.
I had knee pain for 2 months, could not exersise or run; after coming ot mission hills pt and after 3 treatments I could jog.  J.P.
The folks at MHPT are just great, very caring and professional. The work that Ralph at MHPT has done on my knee has led to a marked improvement in function. Their methods are interesting and extremely effective!  K.K.
I was not able to jog more then a few blocks without my knee hurting me and forcing me to stop. After  my first few sessions I noticed I was able to jog up to a 1/2 mile. By the end of my treatment I was up to 4.5 miles.  E.K.
Within the 30 minute session, a large portion of that pain went away which was something I had for years. They gave me techniques to use at home to help keep the pain away which was perfect for me and my busy lifestyle.   E.K.
Mission Hills PT is more than just a group of incredibly talented, skillful, insightful, and inspired therapists – you cannot go wrong with any of them – it is an entire community of practitioners and patients devoted to achieving the very highest well-being.  Molly K.
A year ago I hobbled up the steps to see Ralph, on the advice of a friend. I had chronic neck pain, pain behind my knees, and digestive problems…. When I left that day my knees were perfect as was my neck. … The symptoms never returned.  Gretchen E.
July 22,2005 is the day everything changed. It was my first day at Mission Hills Physical Therapy… I call Ralph, Danielle, and Daniza my ‘miracle workers’ because they truely are. I am constantly amazed at how much better I feel and how my quality of life has improved.  Mandy Z.
I can feel improvements in my body that I have not felt before and it gets better daily… I HAVE NOT FELT THIS GOOD IN YEARS. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH M.H.P.T….. You all gave me the light to guide me through a very dark tunnel. I am looking forward to living my life again .  Jennifer H.
A neck injury due to an auto accident brought me into Mission Hills Physical Therapy and to some of the best care I have ever received.   Erin C.
I feel the short time I’ve been coming here, I really feel a big difference in the way I feel and the things I can do. J.D.
I’m an optimistic person and was hoping this time would be better but, I could never have expected it to be this much better. Mike S.

Now it’s August and I have complete range of motion in my left shoulder. Simply put: AMAZING! I am glad I went there! Janis C.

I now am able to walk correctly and am back to walking the hills around my home 4-5 times a week. No more do I get out of breath or exhausted. (I am 73 years old) H.R.
I have regained the use of my left arm. My range of motion has greatly improved, my pain is almost gone and I am never awakened by pain. M.D.
I have returned completely back to normal strength and have total range of motion in my shoulder.   Travis R.
I am a very active Triathlete and have seen my share of physical therapists;At Mission hills PT each therapist individually provided the best care I have ever received.  Kristina W.
At the end of that first session Danielle had me perform the range test once more with much improvement from only an hour earlier.   Drew A.
My first visit to Mission Hills Physical Therapy brought immediate relief and relaxation to my back. …. It is almost miraculous to me that I can sleep, walk, sit, stand, swim, care for the grandchildren, and move freely without fear after twenty therapy sessions. My reflux is greatly reduced to almost minimal. I feel happy and strong again. Lynn B.
After the second session I felt so much lighter in my neck and shoulders that I really could not remember when the last time it felt this good. O.F.

I came in with excruciating pain in my lower legs from running injuries. I couldn’t sit for more than 5 minutes with legs bent. I couldn’t walk down the stairs without letting out “ouches”.  After weeks of therapy, I can honestly say that I’m cured! M.L.


On the whole, my entire body feels better and more relaxed. M.B.
This unique therapy is administered by loving kind gentle souls who are truely doing healing work!  Alan M.
I feel most fortunate to have experienced the services at Mission Hills Physical Therapy–it is a remarkable center. Dr. Salvatore Ambrosino
I am convinced that it was because of your treatment I was able to complete the marathon, and I am pleased to report that I continue to run with virtually no knee pain.  Bill Otto
Today I feel like I’m in greater control of my physical circumstances and have made changes to my life that are going to help me as I age – with gusto and grace!  Cathie H.
I have had 8 treatments for Plantar Fasciitis after having several months of pain – I no longer have any pain – thank you, thank you! Maureen H.
I could not shake anyone’s hand without it causing intense pain, and combining my own hair was extremely painful. Now, I can lift my arm and ball my fist. I can even shake hands and comb my hair without being in too much pain.  Clara M.

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Myositis, Environmental Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – A Matrix Energetics and Integrative Medicine / Therapy perspective

July 13, 2010

From Ralph Havens, certified Matrix Energetics Practioner


Many labels and if you look thru the medical literature and treatment options one thing becomes clear.  Doctors and health professionals don’t know what it is and sure don;t know how to make it go away.

I’m going to start with a success story from one of my former clients.  I say former because I haven’t seen her in almost a year but she has sent me a few emails of what she noticed after our sessions.  I treated her with Matrix Energetics 3 sessions, then 3 more which were mostly going over her home program.

Here is the first email I received from a woman who was on permanent disability from chronic pain, environmental sensitivities, anxiety and depression among other ailments.  She was in her 50’s

Below is the description I wrote up about my experience with you and

Matrix Energetics.

I’m excited about the changes in my life!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written November 16, 2009:

= Miraculous


I have been a seeker of many types of transformation for as long as I

can remember.  In August of 2009, I was getting ready for a trip to

Italy and was concerned because I had a number of physical conditions

that made traveling difficult.  I wondered what to do and who to see.

My intuition told me to go see Ralph Havens P.T. I had been treated by

Ralph about 6 years prior and thought he may be able to help me again.

My concerns this time were:

•   Back pain, especially when sitting for longer than ½ hour

(sometimes less).  This was very pronounced when sitting in airplane

seats even on short flights and the trip to Italy would be 15 hours!

(was I out of my mind to consider it?)

•   Pain in both shoulders:  I was unable to carry anything over my

shoulders like a shoulder strap purse that weighed more than one pound.

•   Groin pain when doing certain Yoga moves.

•   Neck pain

I only had time for 3 appointments with Ralph before my trip.  The first

was on August 31st 2009.

I wasn’t really convinced that just 3 treatments would do any good but I

decided to give it a try.   On the first visit Ralph didn’t seem to be

doing much, just holding his hands on, over and around me in various

ways.  However I had a sense of total trust that whatever the heck he

was doing, was a good thing, so I just relaxed and went with the flow.

I later found out he was doing Matrix Energetics.

At first, I just felt deeply relaxed and then, very unexpectedly, my

body began to move on its own.  Wow!  I knew something amazing was

happening.  I didn’t know what and I didn’t care because I just knew and

trusted that it was a good thing.

On the way home, after the first treatment I felt euphoric.  Everything

seemed different.  I was happier, more at peace.  The sky was intensely

beautiful.  Something wonderful was occurring!

On the next few visits my body responded to the Matrix Energetics by

moving in some very dramatic ways.  I just let it move where it

wanted….a strange but agreeable experience.  Ralph said that some of the

things my body was doing were like advanced Qigong moves.  I wouldn’t

know, as I’ve never taken Qigong.  Also some movements occurred as if my

body were in a Chi machine.  Cool!

The movements periodically continued outside of PT as well.  It was

rather humorous to be watching TV and start moving spontaneously.  My

husband didn’t know what to think!

After the 3 treatments, I was off to Italy.  I made it on the 15 hour

flight without significant pain.  Yes I still needed pain pills and my

TENS unit, but I MADE it!  That may not sound like a miracle, but to me

it certainly was.  The longest plane trip I had previously been on was

only 6 hours. Even with pain pills and TENS, I was in significant pain

in the past.

While in Italy, I was able to carry a small backpack filled with

groceries for about 45 min.   Another miracle!  I hadn’t been able to do

anything like that in years without significant shoulder, neck and/ or

back pain

I also had times of pure, intense joy, so lovely and unexpected that

tears came to my eyes.  The joy did not have so much to do with anything

in particular that was going on, it was, rather, coming from a place

deep within me.  I have suffered from depression for many years, so this

was an amazing gift.  I’m tearing up with gratitude as I type this.

After returning from Italy, I scheduled more appointments with Ralph,

and we continued with the Matrix Energetics.

Here are some of the things I have noticed which I believe are related

to the sessions:

•   My Yoga poses are easier and I feel more flexible.

•   I have virtually no right shoulder pain.

•   Orgasms that are more intense and pleasurable than ever before

in my life.

•   I have many moments of profound joy. (more on this below)

•   The ability to go with ‘what is’ …living, experiencing and

honoring the present moment.

•   Less back pain while sitting

The lovely moments of joy that I began to notice in Italy have

continued, and occur more frequently.   It can arise at anytime,

anyplace (even doing dishes!), because it’s coming from within me and

also from an interconnectedness that is beyond me. It’s not determined

by my circumstances.

For a long time I have known, intellectually, that all the things in my

life are there for a reason and should be honored.  After the Matrix

Energetics with Ralph, however, I was able to know and experience this

on a deeper level.  One day in particular comes to mind.  I was on my

way over for a session with Ralph and I felt physically and emotionally

terrible.  I am a sensitive person.  What I mean by this is that I react

to many things in my environment in what can be considered a negative

way.  Many foods, dust, chemicals, cigarettes, perfume etc. make me feel

physically or emotionally ill.  On that day, I was reacting to something

and felt very depressed.  I said to myself, “I wish I weren’t so

sensitive!”  I immediately had an epiphany……….NO! my sensitivities are,

in part, what makes me who I am.  I would not be who I am without them

and I love who I am!  I instantly felt something flip in me and….. POOF

the depression etc. was gone.   WOW!

Ralph had taught me something, on a previous session that helped with

this process.  Which was something like:  If one feels that something in

their life needs to be changed, then ask a question like:  “How has this

been useful?”  Let it drop to your heart.  Then ask something like: “If

it were different, how would it look?”  Drop that to your heart.  Then

forget about it and let it go.  This, along with the Matrix Energetics

in general allowed me to have that profound shift.

Do I think that Ralph or Matrix Energetics has totally caused these

changes?  Yes and no.   As I said, I have been a seeker of

transformation for many years.  I see what I experience with Ralph and

Matrix Energetics to be a kind of key to a door of transformation.  I

got to the doorway but was not quite able to step across the threshold.

What I struggled to achieve before, seemed to miraculously happen with

Matrix Energetics and Ralph Havens!

Thank You!


Here is a follow up email from the same client:

Hi Ralph,

Happy New Year to you too!

Lots of changes over here.  I’m now eating only raw organic vegan food

so that’s quite a switch.  Also consuming super foods like blue green

algae.   I’ve had times of abundant energy and mental clarity and times

of extreme fatigue and brain fog.  As my oldest son, Brian, likes to

say………It’s all good!

I sat through most my acting class yesterday with very little back

discomfort (3 hour class)  A miracle!   My left shoulder is moving

easier with less discomfort……….a miracle!  I’m not taking any

herbs or supplements for anxiety or depression because I don’t need

them……..first time in many many years…..a miracle!  I’ve cleaned

out an entire drawer of many bottles of supplements that I don’t feel I

need anymore and made room for a gizmo that makes noodles out of


I’m not afraid of the future.

I’m reading the “busting loose from the money game” book.  Parts I just

start laughing (in recognition of the truth) at because I’ve suspected

things like that for a long time.  But I sense that I’m not ready to

read it all yet.  I’m focusing on my health transformation.  I’m reading

the “Sunfood diet success system”  by David Wolfe.  It’s about having

health with raw vegan food,  but also about the spiritual, psychological

roll in vibrant health.  I’m learning a lot.

My body continues to go into Matrix mode every day.

Things are shifting that I don’t know how to talk about yet.

Thanks for helping me make this shift.

How are you?

Best wishes,


And just recently I received this email from the same client:

Hi Ralph,
I hope this finds you well.  Making plans for your wedding?

I have some wonderful news concerning my 85 year old mother, Doris, who lives in Denver.
She had been having pain in her back/ legs for a long time now,  perhaps a year or so.  It became quite severe about a month ago, mostly in her legs, and in the last few weeks was getting unbearable and she was using a walker for the first time in her life. She had tried a number of treatments,  PT, Pilates, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.  The Dr. tried steroid injections.. all of no help.  She finally was so bad that the Dr. recommended surgery which she readily agreed to……….a laminectomy and fusion.   The MRI  showed multiple causes for her issues.

I decided to fly out right away and help her.  I got here Thursday afternoon, July 1st.   It was hard to see my Mom in such a state.   Without pain meds,  she said the pain in her legs was a 10/10 and with narcotic pain meds, 8/10.  Ralph,  my Mom is a very tough lady and doesn’t usually complain about things even if I know she is in pain.  She was also really confused because of the pain meds and needed to use a walker for the first time in her life.

Let me back up just a bit now.  On the plane trip over here,  I brought along the Matrix Energetics book which I’ve had for a long time but never read.  Just reading the book,  my body started to move on it’s own in the familiar chi type movements that you noticed when you were treating me.  I decided to ask about this and wrote:
Dear God, please tell me about Matrix Energetics:
I got this message:
Dear being of the universe, there is immense pleasure in allowing what IS to manifest.  You don’t need to try to conjure up anything new, just experience what is there.  Become a beacon for all that is of the light.  It is beyond anything that you can imagine.  Let go and ask for what you wish.  The force is there to assist in ways that are amazing and sparkling with Divine energy.  The flow is in you now (more chi movements)  Feel it, use it,  enjoy it.

then I asked:
How can I use this to help Mom?
Love her where she is at.  Don’t try and change her.  Honor where she is at.  No change is possible without first honoring the person/souls process.  Be aware of helpers that come.  She has many that can be available to allow her to be free. Allow her guides to guide you.  Be open to the process.  Leave judgment at the door.
Me: thank you.

So this is the space I came to Denver in.  On Friday, July 2nd,  we had a busy day with medical appointments and I later told Mom a bit about Matrix Energetics.  I asked her if she was willing to let me try to do some work with her and she happily agreed.  I just followed my intuition re. what to do for her……went with some of the things you taught me and some energy healing work I had done in the past.  Mainly just went with the flow.

The next morning,  she didn’t take her narcotic pain pill,  only some ibuprofen.   To my amazement,  she went out into the yard with me where I was pulling weeds etc,  and sat on a little stone wall and put compost around her plants.  Later we were sitting on her porch and she looked over at me and said………..I don’t have any pain!  What?!!!!  Ralph it really was a miracle!   She went 4 more hours with no pain at all and then later in the day it came back a bit but only a 4/10.  She was walking around without her walker and even went downstairs to her basement to retrieve a folding chair to watch the fireworks!  (well,  OK, she was a day early,  but that could happen to anyone.)  lol
I can’t believe the change.  I’ve never seen such a quick turn around in all of my life!  Was is all do to the energy work?  I don’t know for sure,  but it seems to me that something miraculous happened and perhaps it’s not up to me to figure it out anyway.

We shall see what happens next!

Sending many blessings your way (for Jen too!)



So what did I do?  And did I know what the cause of her condition was?  How did she heal? Was it something I did?  What is Matrix Energetics?

What I’ve noticed with my work as a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner is that I feel blessed to be a part of someone’s healing and transformation.  With my Integrative Manual Therapy background I could let you know what I “saw” and what I “treated” but that would just be my Ego taking credit for something or trying to make sense of a Miracle.

I can tell you that we see Miracles daily in our practice.  With Matrix Energetics we drop into the space where “it’s already done” where “miracles happen” and we let go and allow it to happen.  But we also use our intent for specific outcomes by gathering power and activating it but at the same time Letting Go of any expectation or need for anything to happen.  I know it sounds confusing but this is the world of Matrix Energetics and it has it’s explanation in Quantum Physics, SuperString Theory, Morphic Fields, Scalar Physics and spiritual traditions.

To describe it or explain it would be akin to explaining or describing Fire.  You could get a PhD in Fire but you wouldn’t know squat about fire until you actually touched it; and in that instance you would not have any more questions about “what is fire”. You would Know It on a deeper level.  This is the best way to understand Matrix Energetics – Experience it for yourself.

call or email me anything you like and I’ll do my best to answer questions for you.  Also you could email me and I could send you a newsletter about Matrix Energetics.  But please call us and we can set up a time for you to Experience Matrix Energetics!

Ralph Havens PT OCS IMTC

Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner



Chronic Pain – Matrix Energetics and Integrative Medicine / Integrative Manual Therapy

June 29, 2010

What is it you do?  Can you explain it?

I could talk a lot about what we think we’re doing.  In fact what do any of us really know to be true?  I mean really know?  What scientific “fact” or idea hasn’t been disproved at a later date.  So I want to start with that.

We really don’t know what we do but we’ve been blessed to be part of someone’s healing, with miracles of all sorts and with transforming lives.  There are explanations that make sense to explain what we do but I am open to the idea that the reason they work is for reasons I may never know.

There are many techniques we know and use but overlying all of them is what is called Matrix Energetics.  With matrix energetics for us it really is a way of Being. It’s us being in the state of Grace.  There is a reproducible way to get there with Matrix Energetics.

Then what happens to our clients and their family and relationships is usually what you would call useful or good or beneficial.  It tends to show up in ways that the client likes such as healing an injured area or condition.  But it also tends to show up in unexpected ways of transformation in their lives.

So what do we do?

First we drop into the space where healing occurs.  You could call it grace, or the field, or God, or anything; but once you name it, you limit it and it’s not really something you could put in a word or phrase or even a book.  It’s kind of like Fire.  You could do a lot of talking about what fire is, what it feels like; you could show the physics of Fire but you won’t have a clue what it is until you touch it.  In that instance you experience what Fire is.  So we drop the client into this healing space and they get to experience what it is like to be in the presence of unlimited power and space.  Many times this is all that is needed to shift a person’s pattern of pain or problem to one of healing and transformation.  Stuff Changes.

Then we do what shows up.  So sometimes it will be a technique such as Integrative Manual Therapy.  We’re certified in IMT and have taken over 110 classes in this field alone.  IMT has an extensive series of assessment diagnostics using our hands to feel problems and conditions in the body systems such as joint, bones, muscles, and also organs, arteries, veins, lymph vessels and nodes as well as addressing issues around toxicity, pathogens, mental, emotional, spiritual, miasms and more.

We combine that with anything else we are trained in such as sole support orthotics, Kangen alkaline water machine, detox diets, gluten free programs, First Line therapy to address metabolic syndrome problems, and Pilates.

We have access to many methods and we will use whatever is appropriate for the client.  We drop into the space where healing happens with Matrix Energetics and then see what shows up that would be useful and transformative on all levels for our client.

Ralph Havens PT OCS IMTC

certified Matrix Energetics Practitoner


Gluten and Inflammation – A matrix energetics / integrative manual therapy approach

January 26, 2010

When looking at the best ways to help someone with signs and symptoms related to gluten sensitivity, we have many tools to use.  First we like to get a 100% gluten free eating plan started.  The research over the past 10 years shows that if someone with an auto-immune condition, joint or bone pains, fibromyalgia and other conditions goes gluten-free, many times most if not all of their symptoms improve and can even clear completely.

One reason we think this happens is purely physiological.  The immune system cranks up and starts attacking the person when gluten is being eaten.  By taking gluten completely out of the diet, the immune system calms down and rests and the body can heal.

But another reason we like to use gluten free programs is that because so many people have benefited from a gluten free diet, because so many researchers have found it helpful and because so many practitioners have had similar results taking their clients off gluten, there is an enormous morphic field concerning gluten sensitivity.  What I mean by that is that there is information in the field so that people who “tap into” this gluten-free program benefit from the energetic field of all the people who have been part of gluten sensitivity research, treatments and eating programs.  This may be new information to you.  If it is you can read more about morphic fields at This is a powerful way to benefit from a gluten free eating plan.

Using Integrative Manual Therapy, the work of Sharon Giammatteo, PT, PhD, we are able to use structural and physiological manual therapy methods to help fix up the cecum (large intestine) and the other areas affected by gluten.  Also through using supplements, most notably zinc, chlorophyl and manganese B 12, along with high quality fish oils, both the structure and the function of the GI tract can regain health.

This Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) approach used to take many hours to fix up a colon ( GI tract)  and was mostly useful if a client agreed to a 100% gluten free program.  Now we use Matrix Energetics, a transformational way to access the healing potential of the zero-point field. By using Matrix Energetics, we can tap into whatever is useful to help someone heal or transform.  We can use IMT, Matrix, supplements, and other healing modalities all under the umbrella of Matrix Energetics.  Matrix Energetics basically super-charges any other modality we choose to use to help someone.

Here is just one success story from one of our clients.  We saw this client for only 6 treatments over the course of a few months.

“I sat through most of my acting class yesterday with very little back
discomfort (3 hour class)  A miracle!   My left shoulder is moving
easier with less discomfort……….a miracle!  I’m not taking any
herbs or supplements for anxiety or depression because I don’t need
them……..first time in many many years…..a miracle!  I’ve cleaned
out an entire drawer of many bottles of supplements that I don’t feel I
need anymore and made room for a gizmo that makes noodles out of

I’m not afraid of the future.”

W.H. 2009

For information on the physics behind matrix energetics you can check out these interviews and lectures at

For more information on gluten sensitivity you can check out

For more information on Integrative Manual therapy please check out

For more information on Morphic Fields you can check out

For a newsletter on gluten sensitivity you can check out

for more information on gluten sensitivity there is a great summary article by Dr. Mark Hyman at

Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC


Matrix Energetics – the science and art of transformation – links and blogs

December 18, 2009

Hi everyone, I’m including a list of blogs and books that I have come across; some that we’re recommended by Richard Bartlett, DC, ND in his classes on Matrix Energetics and some that I’ve come across from other sources.  Here’s my list for today!


Matrix Energetics – The Science and Art of Transformation

December 12, 2009

What is Matrix Energetics and how can it help me?

Here’s the deal.  Used to be, I would ask clients if a treatment took away their pain.  Or if we had changed their pain level, when they would seek me out for treatment.  Since tapping into the world of Matrix Energetics, I no longer ask that question.

What I do ask is, “What do you notice that is different?”  You may say “so what”.  Have you ever heard the expression, “don’t look where you don’t want to go”?  It’s like when you are riding a motorcycle on a windy road on the edge of a mountain.  The one place you don’t look is over the edge where you could fall.

Many times when injured, clients will dwell on the injury, testing to see whether it’s still there; upset when it is, and worried if it will return when it’s better. I know I’ve done this many times in the past.  This puts us in a duality; a fight against the problem.  Problem is that’s “looking where you don’t want to go”; and what happens when we fight something?  It persists.  Think of the war on terrorism, or war on drugs or war on poverty.  Please tell me a war on something we’ve won lately!  It’s hard to find.

With Matrix Energetics we utilize the unlimited healing potential of __________.  The reason I leave a blank is that once you name __________, it’s not that.  If you did want to name it you could call it grace, the field, God, the zero-point field, or any other name; but once you name it you limit it; and it’s not that.  In fact it’s no thing, and every thing.  Sounds confusing; that’s good if it’s confusing that leaves a little “wiggle room”.  This allows for the potential for the universe or grace or whatever it is to slip in and transform.

These are not new ideas, but have been alluded to and described throughout time in various traditions from Christianity, Buddhism, Yoga, and Quantum Physics perspectives. Even Yoda alluded to it when he said “there is no try, only do”.  He didn’t’ get it totally right according to Dr. Bartlett;  It’s more like “Just Be”.   Kinda like the bible verse that says “be still and know that I am God”.  What this says to me is “Be still” and what happens when I’m still?  “I know”.  And what do I know?….. “God”.  And what is God?  Definitely something we can’t explain or put in a word.  While I’ve studied many methods, it wasn’t until I met Dr. Richard Bartlett, that I saw how it can be tapped in order to allow healing and transformation on a real and quantifiable level.  Dr. Bartlett was given a gift and shown a powerful way to access that healing space and has been able to teach us how to access it as well.  I feel I am giving him the well-deserved credit for the way I’m explaining this now.

What I’m talking about is not only healing the injury someone comes in to fix up; but also changing in ways that we could not even predict or imagine.  For example, I’ve recently had a client tell me they are grateful for having had their shoulder injury because they would not have found us and the other changes in their life would not have happened if they had not had a reason to come in.  This client now has significant changes in longstanding hands and feet numbness, improvements in her relationship, improvements in her mood and a real sense of peace for the first time in her life.  She even reported no longer fighting with her significant other.  Her shoulder is also no longer hurting or limited.

Now when we ask “what’s different since the last treatment” we get answers that continue to amaze and inspire us.  And we know that we didn’t do it.  How could we make changes like that?  We can’t.  But we can now access the space that allows for healing to occur.  And healing can happen on all levels.

Jen, Danielle, Cathie and I are excited to have this to offer people and want to share it.  We are available for group demos or a short individual demo session.  Please contact us and we can set up a time to experience Matrix Energetics and tap into the field of transformation.

For more information on Dr. Richard Bartlett you can check out his books Matrix Energetics and The Physics of Miracles.

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome –

September 23, 2009


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS Treatment

originally posted on August 4, 2008;  Re-posted 9-22-09

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), commonly referred to as reflex sympathetic dystrophy or RSD, is a syndrome in which pain, usually burning type, is out of proportion to the injury (either nerve or no nerve involvement). The pain may spread through the entire limb and/or to other parts of the body. Examples of precipitating events that may cause CRPS include the following: fractures, surgery, frostbite, soft tissue trauma, burns, MS, tight cast, strokes, heart attack and amputations. The symptoms are characterized by autonomic dysregulation such as swelling, vasomotor instability (skin becoming pale/cool/cyanotic or red/warm/dry), abnormal sweating, trophic changes (course hair, thick rigid or brittle nails, skin may become coarse or thin, smooth, and tight), hypersensitivity, abnormal motor activity, and decreased bone density.
Medically, CRPS is managed by a variety of medications aimed lowering the rate of nerve firing, reducing inflammation, reducing anxiety, and reducing pain. More invasive measures include sympathetic nerve blocks in the spinal column or ganglion blocks, implanted dorsal column stimulation or decompression, all of which carry the same risks of any invasive procedure.
The main reason for this entry is to share a positive treatment outcome for CRPS using IMT. In general, the physical therapy treatment for CRPS includes reduction of pain to allow the pt. to maintain function. Traditional forms of exercise such as aerobic, pool therapy, ROM, joint mobilization/soft tissue mobilization, exercise emphasizing compression and distraction, functional ex. and exercise that increases blood flow to the extremity or increase proprioception to the spinal cord may be beneficial All exercise must be extremely gentle and nonaggressive especially if not initiated during times of sympathetic blocks.
My past experience with CRPS includes most patients unable to tolerate any manual techniques and very minimal exercise resulting in extremely slow progress. It has been shown in research that early intervention with physical therapy is extremely important to minimize loss of function. The earlier the intervention the more likely to reverse the dysfunction.
Recently I evaluated a pt. with CRPS onset following a bunionectomy. The pt. presented 3 months post op with extremely antalgic gait, inability to bear more than 30% weight on the affected foot, and requiring a walking cast boot to tolerate being on her feet. The patient’s foot was swollen, reddened, and there was no active mov’t in the big toe. Within 5 treatments of IMT including light touch on areas of the body specific to affecting the autonomic nervous system and indirect myofascial release (vs. more aggressive direct techniques) the patient is able to bear 50-50% body weight, ambulate w/o the walking boot with more normality. Gait quality still consisted of slight antalgia, decreased push off and mild trunk shift but the patient is able to walk further and have more energy throughout the day to function. The skin has returned to a more normal color and edema has decreased resulting in less smooth/shiny appearance. The slough and calluses which persisted on her incision long after surgery fell off naturally within 1 week and active ROM has returned in the big toe. Range of motion home exercises are being performed in a warm bath and also passively to isolate different joints of the toe. Ankle ROM exercises are also completed in the bath. In no way is this patient healed or pain free but the quality of the toe/foot appearance, gait quality and tolerance have progressed more rapidly than I have ever seen in the past.
I know I’m more than a little biased towards IMT but I want people out there to know that there is gentle, effective treatment out there that can make life a lot easier and functional if you have CRPS. Please spread the word!! and for success stories of patients who recovered from chronic pain issues.

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