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Success Stories – Mission Hills Physical Therapy – Matrix Energetics – Integrative Manual Therapy

January 19, 2011
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Mission Hills is staffed with a great team of people who really care about their clients and have an extensive knowledge of health.  Christine S.

I really appreciate the holistic approach they take– not only do they work on the affected body part to bring it back to full function, but they look at what is going on throughout the entire body to see what may be related. Christine S.
After a week or so of doing the exercises, I was running without any problems.  David A.
Matrix Energetics helped me move on from areas I felt emotionally stuck in, to other outlooks which I feel serve me better, thus helping me to feel happier and more satisfied with life.  M.B.
I have been helped so much from the treatment here, and the care goes beyond the basics and is about how to create fundamental changes in life to improve everything.  Mick G.
Great view on holistic and integrative manual therapies.  They don’t just stick you on a machine that buzzes you, but will readjust the energies in your body and send you home with great tips.  Christie Y.
The therapy there is literally “laying on of hands”, but in a systematic way that works miracles!   S.H.
Through therapy I have more flexibility and tremendously decreased pain in ankle and foot. C.F.
When I first came to Mission Hills Therapy one month ago, I could barely walk. … they were able to help me feel better the first day. S.G.
I had knee pain for 2 months, could not exersise or run; after coming ot mission hills pt and after 3 treatments I could jog.  J.P.
The folks at MHPT are just great, very caring and professional. The work that Ralph at MHPT has done on my knee has led to a marked improvement in function. Their methods are interesting and extremely effective!  K.K.
I was not able to jog more then a few blocks without my knee hurting me and forcing me to stop. After  my first few sessions I noticed I was able to jog up to a 1/2 mile. By the end of my treatment I was up to 4.5 miles.  E.K.
Within the 30 minute session, a large portion of that pain went away which was something I had for years. They gave me techniques to use at home to help keep the pain away which was perfect for me and my busy lifestyle.   E.K.
Mission Hills PT is more than just a group of incredibly talented, skillful, insightful, and inspired therapists – you cannot go wrong with any of them – it is an entire community of practitioners and patients devoted to achieving the very highest well-being.  Molly K.
A year ago I hobbled up the steps to see Ralph, on the advice of a friend. I had chronic neck pain, pain behind my knees, and digestive problems…. When I left that day my knees were perfect as was my neck. … The symptoms never returned.  Gretchen E.
July 22,2005 is the day everything changed. It was my first day at Mission Hills Physical Therapy… I call Ralph, Danielle, and Daniza my ‘miracle workers’ because they truely are. I am constantly amazed at how much better I feel and how my quality of life has improved.  Mandy Z.
I can feel improvements in my body that I have not felt before and it gets better daily… I HAVE NOT FELT THIS GOOD IN YEARS. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH M.H.P.T….. You all gave me the light to guide me through a very dark tunnel. I am looking forward to living my life again .  Jennifer H.
A neck injury due to an auto accident brought me into Mission Hills Physical Therapy and to some of the best care I have ever received.   Erin C.
I feel the short time I’ve been coming here, I really feel a big difference in the way I feel and the things I can do. J.D.
I’m an optimistic person and was hoping this time would be better but, I could never have expected it to be this much better. Mike S.

Now it’s August and I have complete range of motion in my left shoulder. Simply put: AMAZING! I am glad I went there! Janis C.

I now am able to walk correctly and am back to walking the hills around my home 4-5 times a week. No more do I get out of breath or exhausted. (I am 73 years old) H.R.
I have regained the use of my left arm. My range of motion has greatly improved, my pain is almost gone and I am never awakened by pain. M.D.
I have returned completely back to normal strength and have total range of motion in my shoulder.   Travis R.
I am a very active Triathlete and have seen my share of physical therapists;At Mission hills PT each therapist individually provided the best care I have ever received.  Kristina W.
At the end of that first session Danielle had me perform the range test once more with much improvement from only an hour earlier.   Drew A.
My first visit to Mission Hills Physical Therapy brought immediate relief and relaxation to my back. …. It is almost miraculous to me that I can sleep, walk, sit, stand, swim, care for the grandchildren, and move freely without fear after twenty therapy sessions. My reflux is greatly reduced to almost minimal. I feel happy and strong again. Lynn B.
After the second session I felt so much lighter in my neck and shoulders that I really could not remember when the last time it felt this good. O.F.

I came in with excruciating pain in my lower legs from running injuries. I couldn’t sit for more than 5 minutes with legs bent. I couldn’t walk down the stairs without letting out “ouches”.  After weeks of therapy, I can honestly say that I’m cured! M.L.


On the whole, my entire body feels better and more relaxed. M.B.
This unique therapy is administered by loving kind gentle souls who are truely doing healing work!  Alan M.
I feel most fortunate to have experienced the services at Mission Hills Physical Therapy–it is a remarkable center. Dr. Salvatore Ambrosino
I am convinced that it was because of your treatment I was able to complete the marathon, and I am pleased to report that I continue to run with virtually no knee pain.  Bill Otto
Today I feel like I’m in greater control of my physical circumstances and have made changes to my life that are going to help me as I age – with gusto and grace!  Cathie H.
I have had 8 treatments for Plantar Fasciitis after having several months of pain – I no longer have any pain – thank you, thank you! Maureen H.
I could not shake anyone’s hand without it causing intense pain, and combining my own hair was extremely painful. Now, I can lift my arm and ball my fist. I can even shake hands and comb my hair without being in too much pain.  Clara M.

Chronic Pain – Matrix Energetics and Integrative Medicine / Integrative Manual Therapy

June 29, 2010

What is it you do?  Can you explain it?

I could talk a lot about what we think we’re doing.  In fact what do any of us really know to be true?  I mean really know?  What scientific “fact” or idea hasn’t been disproved at a later date.  So I want to start with that.

We really don’t know what we do but we’ve been blessed to be part of someone’s healing, with miracles of all sorts and with transforming lives.  There are explanations that make sense to explain what we do but I am open to the idea that the reason they work is for reasons I may never know.

There are many techniques we know and use but overlying all of them is what is called Matrix Energetics.  With matrix energetics for us it really is a way of Being. It’s us being in the state of Grace.  There is a reproducible way to get there with Matrix Energetics.

Then what happens to our clients and their family and relationships is usually what you would call useful or good or beneficial.  It tends to show up in ways that the client likes such as healing an injured area or condition.  But it also tends to show up in unexpected ways of transformation in their lives.

So what do we do?

First we drop into the space where healing occurs.  You could call it grace, or the field, or God, or anything; but once you name it, you limit it and it’s not really something you could put in a word or phrase or even a book.  It’s kind of like Fire.  You could do a lot of talking about what fire is, what it feels like; you could show the physics of Fire but you won’t have a clue what it is until you touch it.  In that instance you experience what Fire is.  So we drop the client into this healing space and they get to experience what it is like to be in the presence of unlimited power and space.  Many times this is all that is needed to shift a person’s pattern of pain or problem to one of healing and transformation.  Stuff Changes.

Then we do what shows up.  So sometimes it will be a technique such as Integrative Manual Therapy.  We’re certified in IMT and have taken over 110 classes in this field alone.  IMT has an extensive series of assessment diagnostics using our hands to feel problems and conditions in the body systems such as joint, bones, muscles, and also organs, arteries, veins, lymph vessels and nodes as well as addressing issues around toxicity, pathogens, mental, emotional, spiritual, miasms and more.

We combine that with anything else we are trained in such as sole support orthotics, Kangen alkaline water machine, detox diets, gluten free programs, First Line therapy to address metabolic syndrome problems, and Pilates.

We have access to many methods and we will use whatever is appropriate for the client.  We drop into the space where healing happens with Matrix Energetics and then see what shows up that would be useful and transformative on all levels for our client.

Ralph Havens PT OCS IMTC

certified Matrix Energetics Practitoner


Kim Burnham, PhD advanced Integrative Manual Therapy and Matrix Energetics April 2010 San Diego

April 4, 2010

Advanced Integrative Manual Therapist Kim Burnham, MT, PhD at Mission Hills Physical Therapy

April 19-29, 2010

Kim is available for Integrative Manual Therapy and Matrix Energetics Treatments.

Hi all,
We are fortunate to be able to bring in to our clinic Kim Burnham, MT, PhD, advanced practitioner in Integrative Manual Therapy © and Matrix Energetics©.

She has advanced skills in Integrative Manual Therapy with neurodegenerative disorders and vision therapy and will be working with us in April for two weeks, April 19-29, 2010 .

Susan at our office will be printing up her bio but I will post it at on a separate post. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who may need her help.

In particular, she has advanced training and has helped people with chronic and difficult conditions including vision problems, and neurodegenerative disorders;  Her PhD is in Integrative Manual Therapy and the results with a Parkinson’s patient. You can go to her website Her website has a lot of information on a variety of research and information about integrative manual therapy.

We will be taking clients for her schedule on a first come / first serve basis, but will give special consideration for people with more involved conditions.

Multiple hour sessions will be available. Please call Susan as she is finalizing Kim’s schedule and can give you more details. This is a big opportunity to get help to the people who need it most.

Ralph Havens, PT OCS IMTC, certified Matrix Energetics©
Susan Williams, office manager
Mission Hills Physical Therapy
928 Ft. Stockton dr. Ste 201
San Diego, Ca 92103



Gluten Sensitivity – Dr. Mark Hyman – From The Huffington Post

January 3, 2010

This is a very well documented and referenced article by Dr. Mark Hyman on gluten sensitivity and how it can masquerade as a number of ailments and diseases; over 55 diseases recognized by the American Medical Association as having links to gluten sensitivity.  If you or anyone you know has any of these conditions please pass it along to them;  You could save their life.  Gluten sensitivity has been linked to a 30+% increase in death in the medical literature.

Here’s a partial list of conditions caused by gluten sensitivity:

osteoporosis, irritable bowel disease, inflammatory bowel disease, anemia, cancerfatigue, canker sores, (v) and rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and almost all other autoimmune diseases. Gluten is also linked to many psychiatric (vi) and neurological diseases, including anxietydepression, (vii) schizophrenia, (viiidementia, (ix)migraines, epilepsy, and neuropathy (nerve damage). (x) It has also been linked to autism.(ix)

For more information please email me and I can send you more research and sources.

my best

Ralph Havens PT, OCS, IMTC, CMe

orthopedic clinical specialist

certified Integrative Manual Therapist

certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner


Matrix Energetics – The Science and Art of Transformation – Kim Burnham, PhD, IMTC, Certified Matrix Energetics Practioner

December 15, 2009

Kim Burnham, MT, PhD Bio at Mission Hills PT

Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner

January 5th – 15th, 2010  at Mission Hills Physical Therapy – San Diego, CA

Kimberly Burnham, MT, PhD

In 2006, Kimberly Burnham added a PhD in Integrative Medicine to her 15 year as a
 manual therapy practitioner. This added to the richness and breadth of her experience and
 specialization in working with people dealing with neurological and visual disorders. Her
 dissertation topic was “The Effect of Integrative Manual Therapy on the Symptom’s of 
Parkinson’s disease.  ”
Kim is certified in Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT). Her 10 plus years at the Center for 
Integrative Manual Therapy and Diagnostics (CenterIMT) were spent treating clients at the 
headquarters in Bloomfield, CT and as the clinical manager in Boulder, CO. Her job titles
 included, instructor for the Connecticut School of Integrative Manual Therapy; Director of
 Knowledge Management, Director of Neurodegenerative Disorders, and Director of Vision IMT.
A licensed Massage Therapist, Kim graduated from Sutherland-Chan (Toronto,1993)
where she later taught clinical courses. She also studied cranial work focused on holistic healing, headaches, back pain, fatigue, neurological conditions, cranial circulation and more through the
 Upledger Institute, The Milne Institute, Canadian College of Osteopathy and had a private 
practice in Toronto for 5 years before joining the staff at CenterIMT.
The thing Kim loved most about working for CenterIMT was the opportunity to see
positive changes in clients with a dismal medical forecast. She has had the good fortune to see
 so many positive changes, changes that many would consider miraculous or impossible. That 
experience has really ignited her ability to see that anything is possible.
 At CenterIMT, Kim enjoyed traveling and broadening her global perspective on health.  
She consulted with clients in Hong Kong, Israel and Italy, as well as treating people from all
over the world in Bloomfield, CT. One highlight was speaking at the “Defeat Autism Now” 2007
conference in Verona, Italy. In 2008, she spoke about “Using Complementary and Alternative 
Medicine for Alzheimer’s Disease” at the Connecticut Alzheimer’s Association annual meeting.  To her clinical practice, Kim brings expertise as a Certified Hypno-therapist and Certified
 Matrix Energetics Practitioner. These tools allow her to interact with the client holistically,
 focus on shifts and help clients see significant improvements in symptoms. She has a strong 
grasp on reference material, research and morphic fields, which she taps into during treatment sessions.
  Familiar with a wide range of nutritional therapies, Kim is a nutritional specialist (2006)
and studied homotoxicology (2004) with Heel and phyto-therapy (2009) with Kerry Bones  .
A proficient writer with the ability to clearly explain health concerns and hands-on
 approaches, Kim is the editor of The Burnham Review, a twice monthly e-newsletter reviewing 
the medical and scientific evidence supporting the use and benefits of manual therapy, energy
 medicine and other forms of complementary and alternative medicine  .
Referring to the first time working with an individual, Kim says, “I believe, what we
expect and observe, influences what we get. People in my practice can expect my full attention
 as well as positive changes and progress with their goals. It is best to come to the first session 
having thought about your goals. If anything, truly anything, can shift about your health, you r
life, your relationships, your way of being in the world, what do you want? What does “better” 
look and feel like for you.”

Advanced Integrative Manual Therapist Kim Burnham, MT, PhD at MHPT

Hi all

We are fortunate to be able to bring in to our clinic Kim Burnham, MT, PhD, advanced practitioner in Integrative Manual Therapy © and Matrix Energetics Certified Practioner.

She has advanced skills in Integrative Manual Therapy with neurodegenerative disorders and vision therapy and will be working with us January 5th – 15th, 2010.    Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who may need her help.

In particular people with vision problems, and neurodegenerative disorders;   Her PhD was in Integrative Manual Therapy and the results with a Parkinson’s patient.  You can go to her website   Her website has a lot of information on a variety of research and information about integrative manual therapy.

We will be taking clients for her schedule on a first come / first serve basis, but will give special consideration for people with more involved conditions.  Multiple hour sessions will be available.  Please call Susan as she is setting up Kim’s schedule and can give you more details. We may have the opportunity to have her here for 2 weeks if the client load warrants this.

This is a big opportunity to get the help people need.

Ralph Havens, PT OCS IMTC
, Susan Williams, office manager
 Mission Hills Physical Therapy 
928 Ft. Stockton dr. Ste 201
San Diego, Ca 92103



Gluten free cooking class in San Diego Sept 1st 2009 Pacific Beach

June 14, 2009

Hi all!

there is a gluten free class at Great News in Pacific Beach / San Diego

here is their link for the class. Hope to see you all there!

Great News!
Pacific Plaza
1788 Garnet Avenue
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 270-1582

Toll Free
Welcome To Great News!
Great News! Discount Cookware and Cooking School is located in San Diego, California.  We are pleased to offer high end, quality cookware at discounted prices, daily cooking classes in our state of the art cooking school and an online website with our cooking classes!  With our focus on each and every customer’s satisfaction, we strive to offer the highest level of service whether you’re in our store, cooking school or shopping online at

Store Hours:

Monday-Friday 9:30am-9pm

Saturday-Sunday 9:30am-6pm


Gluten Sensitivity Newsletter – Research & Case Studies – References

June 3, 2009

The Gluten Sensitivity Newsletter:  Gluten Sensitivity-An Integrative Manual Therapy perspective is now in.  You can access it at or at

It features articles from leaders in the field including Thomas O’Bryan DC, CCN, Kimberly Burnham, PhD, and Sharon Giammatteo PT, PhD, IMTC.  There are case studies and success stories as well as a review of the research complete with medical journal references for further study.

Success stories include eye sensitivities, blood pressure, Multiple Sclerosis, arthritic pains, and ataxia conditions cleared up with a gluten free program.  For more information and and

Ralph Havens PT OCS IMTC