Success Stories for Mission Hills Physical Therapy

Hi everyone!  We’ve had patients and others asking if we could put our success stories on our blog.  So I’m starting a page so patients and others can share success stories.  This will be a good way for others to see what has helped for a variety of conditions.

I think you can just respond to this page and then write your success story.  You can leave your name or initials or just anonymous.

thank you everyone in advance.

from the Mission Hills PT team, Ralph, Danielle, Cathie, Deborah, Susan, Jen and Jean !



  1. a success story from one or our clients.

    First of all, I wanted to thank Ralph so much for making me aware of the issues with gluten. I truly believe that my body is now in a healing phase after all the years of having to deal with gluten inflammation along with the normal stresses of life. Out of all the holistic practitioners that I have seen over the years and all the herbs and supplements that I have taken and benefited from, nothing has even come close to making as much of a difference in my life and well being as becoming gluten-free. Within the first week of being on a gluten-free diet, I was able to already notice a decrease in my IBS symptoms. And then by accident on day seven I had a cliff bar that had oats in it and had my first noticeable gluten attack! It was horrible, I knew that day that gluten was probably the culprit for many of the health challenges in my life. I have been gluten-free now for seven months and I have had so many improvements in my overall health. Listed below are just some of the many miracles that I have experienced being on a gluten-free diet and receiving IMT therapy at MHPT.

    Complete elimination of all of my IBS symptoms (daily unpleasant symptoms)
    Decrease in my hypoglycemic reactions, able to go for longer periods of time without having to eat
    Eliminated my TMJ pain, swelling and stiffness
    Full recovery from a bad whiplash injury
    Less overall body stiffness
    Eliminated early osteoarthritis in my joints from high school and college injuries
    Eliminated residual swelling in my right knee (previously had three knee surgeries and many complications)
    I am able to run again for the first time in 11 years after a debilitating right knee injury and years of pain, swelling and loss of function
    Much better absorption of food
    More energy
    Eliminated bloating and thickness in my abdominal region
    Significant decrease in my headaches and elimination of intermittent blurry vision with computer use
    Increased range of motion with my eye movements and less double vision in my periphery

    As a healthcare practitioner myself, I am now committed to educating as many people as I can about the benefits of a gluten free diet. The research is overwhelming and the tests now available are so much better than in the past. There is a company called Enterolab (www.enterolab.com ) that provides gluten sensitivity testing that you can use in the convenience of your own home without any physician involvement. The Enterolab tests are a lot more sensitive than the standard blood tests that most physicians use today. This company estimates that approximately 40% of the normal population and greater than 50% of symptomatic individuals may have a gluten sensitivity that is causing harm to their bodies. Knowledge is power, be kind to yourself and your body, do the research and find out if you too might benefit from a gluten-free diet. And remember it is not nearly as hard as you might think to be gluten-free.

    Thanks again MHPT for the great work that you do and for giving me my life back!


  2. I 1st visited Ralph Havens 6 months after having back surgery for a ruptured disc at L5-S1.The surgery ended the excruciating nerve pain that travelled down my right leg,but i could hardly move & i was very stiff which did not serve me well as i’m a Pilates instructor.
    After my 1st session i got off the table & bent forward & i touched my hands to the floor with straight legs,the 1st time in over a year.I was sold!
    I saw Ralph every week & slowly made improvements over the months & gradually worked to do more of my Pilates movements.As an instructor trainer i taught an advanced Reformer course once a year,& after 3 years i could do every advanced exercise,yet was fully satisfied with my form & strenght!
    More significantly Ralph transformed my quality of life as on my 1st visit i was working long hours & drinking 3 venti frappucinos & consuming 3-4 protein bars a day.Ralph convinced me if i gave up sugar that my pain level would diminish-he was asking alot!!I went to 2 moccas a day,then to 2 lattes(no sugar)& i made time to eat & chew real food!!Then Ralph started to suggest to give up gluten,as i was still suffering mild pain & stiffness ,i listened.The results were so dramatic that i realized that i must have been allergic,as my body leaned out,my joints were less swollen & when i woke up in the morning i could walk across the room with no creaking sounds.
    It’s now been over 4 yrs & i have regained my quality of movement & i have forgotten my injury,but i have more energy & zest for life.I had tried everything but when i found Mission Hills Physical Therapy my search was over.
    Thankyou Lucy Garcia.

  3. I came in with tennis elbow. I was disappointed be cause I had just started back playing tennis. I was hoping it would not take too long to recover. I found that it didn’t take too long, that it was actually getting better and I learned how to avoid reoccurrance. I felt a difference after the first session.
    Danielle did a great job. I felt comfortable that she really knew what she was doing. I did not hesitate to ask questions and she answered them all. She even gave me pointers on how to handle my ankle problem. I learned a thing or two from this therapy process. What to do and what not to do. I am glad to know that I will not need to wear a brace when I play tennis.
    I also had one session with Ralph. He handled it a little different but with the same good result.
    The office is a comfortable, friendly and professional environment and would recommend them to others.

  4. Hi all, here is another gluten elimination program success story.

    Back Pain and Gluten Elimination

    As promised, I am finally writing down my testimony. I want to share with you the healthful results I got from trying a gluten-free diet, which you recommended to me.

    I have been following a gluten-free and sugar-free diet now for more than 14-weeks, and I feel healthier and younger looking than I did last April when I came to you for help with a debilitating back injury.

    As part of my physical therapy program, which included learning to breathe properly and daily pelvic strengthening exercises, you also suggested a dietary change for me.

    Of all the different remedies, the diet helped the most. Perhaps that is partly the new information it gave me to focus on while my back was healing. I never would have thought about eliminating gluten from my diet as an integral part of a muscle remedy.

    I am not sure what the medical secret is. However, I can say that after not eating gluten for several days, I noticed an immediate difference with joint flexibility and decreased muscle swelling; Soon, my skin became more radiant and looked younger, and most importantly, I lost weight, so my clothes now fit better!!

    I am on your side when you say, “the miracle only happens with a zero-tolerance approach.” That is so true. And, by following a zero-tolerance approach of no gluten-free and no sugar, I am convenience it is healthier for me.

    My back is still healing, but I do believe the healing process was expedited by adhering to the diet. Now, I can usually get the swelling down with a bag of frozen peas in a matter of minutes.

    I am back to moving slowly into my workout routine, which includes Pilates and slow running.

    I am not saying that it’s easy to eliminate gluten. Any dietary change is challenging and takes a lot of courage and discipline, but it’s when the benefits start to outweigh the sacrifices that it becomes a friendly change the body welcomes. At least it did for me.

    I have learned to eat gluten-free in restaurants with friends, while traveling, and I have even tried some gluten-free recipes, which is a huge change for a non-cook. I find it is easier than I expected because it’s a choice I make that feels right. I really don’t crave the food with gluten and sugar that I used to eat. I don’t fight with myself over it.

    I want to thank you for suggesting this change and for all your simple words of wisdom that have been immensely helpful in sticking with the dietary changes.

    I hope other patients coming behind me might try your gluten-free-zero-tolerance approach too; hopefully, they too will feel the good results.

    I came in with excruciating pain in my lower legs from running injuries. I couldn’t sit for more than 5 minutes with legs bent. I couldn’t walk down the stairs without letting out “ouches”.

    After weeks of therapy, I can honestly say that I’m cured! Thanks to Kanoe, Sally and Ralph.

  5. From a friend who asked me for help with back and leg pain while standing in a parking lot after the morning run of our run group http://www.runwithgreg.com


    > How I lowered my blood pressure standing in a parking lot
    > if anyone other than Ralph had told me I could get rid of some of my pains
    > and perhaps improve a beat up 69-year-old body I would not have listened.
    > But I have such great respect for Ralph that I be cited to go on his gluten
    > free diet… at least for a few days.
    > Frankly, I thought such things were more psychological than logical.
    > I no longer feel that way.
    > My blood pressure is been running about 145/90… five days after going on
    > the gluten free diet it was down to 125/79. That is absolutely amazing. So
    > much so, in fact, I didn’t believe it so I tested and retested and got the
    > same results… even using different machines.
    > But there was more to it than that; I have had nasal congestion for long as
    > I can remember that began clearing up on the second day and is 80% better
    > now as I am on my eighth day of being gluten free.
    > What I really was asking Ralph about was getting rid of some pain, from
    > arthritis and running 76 marathons; that has also improved and more
    > importantly I think I’m running better now than I was just a couple weeks
    > ago.
    > I am a gluten free convert… thanks Ralph very very much.

  6. Dear Ralph,

    After our Physical Therapy session this morning, I walked down the steep driveway and was able to walk in longer strides and much more comfortably than in the past. I am feeling more energy.

    August 31, 09

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