Gluten free vodka

hi all,

just a short blog post about some questions I’ve had regarding gluten free drinks.  There are alot of sites that say that grain alcohol is gluten free; that the gluten is somehow distilled out.  While some people can seem to have no ill effects from drinking grain alcohol, what we’ve found with our Integrative Manual Therapy diagnostics ( hands on manual therapy) is that people who drink grain alcohol show signs at their cecum and iliocecal valve ( the indicator of gluten sensitivity – S. Giammatteo PhD) and that even without symptoms, patients are showing physcial signs which can be picked up with IMT palpation diagnostics.  In short, we are recommending people with gluten sensitivity to avoid grain alcohol.  There are non-grain alcohol alternatives for example pure potato vodka’s, all rum, tequilla and wines) For a good web site on potato vodka please visit  http://www.celiak.org/konfuciy.asp?tda=dt&t=10537&fs=Gluten%20Free%20Vodka


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  1. Hi Everybody,

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