How we help you get Your Insurance Company to pay for your Mission Hills Physical Therapy treatment

July 25, 2010


How to Use your Insurance for Physical Therapy at Mission Hills Physical Therapy

We collect payment at the time of service for physical therapy and will give you a SuperBill, which is an itemized receipt, with the codes you will need to get your money reimbursed from your insurance company.  You can call your insurance company so you know exactly what they will pay you back.  Sandra and Jen can explain how you can submit your SuperBill to your insurance company.

You should expect reimbursement of your money from your insurance company in a few weeks.  Your insurance company actually pays you far sooner than they would pay us.

We here at MHPT appreciate you and want to make sure your insurance companies honor their commitments to you. We will help you with anything you need so you can get reimbursed from your insurance company.

Ralph Havens

Mission Hills Physical Therapy

Below is one client’s experience:

Insurance experience by a physical therapy client:

“I received a summary bill (superbill) from the physical therapy clinic before treatment, which I sent to the insurance company and they gave me a pre-estimate (which turned out to be accurate). After treatment, I got an itemized bill that was already prepared by the physical therapy office to submit for insurance and I sent it in and was reimbursed in a couple weeks by my insurance company.  It wasn’t a complicated process and knowing what I owed up front made a big difference for me.  In the past I had physical therapy from another clinic and didn’t pay anything up front only to be hit with an unexpected bill months after I had been to therapy.”



  1. You can’t get them to reimburse it. The title is misleading because it sounds like you think the insurance will pay us back for the whole bill but instead the amount i’d have to pay for one appointment is something like sixty dollars and if you think that is reasonable and if you could pay that much then maybe you don’t need to be squeezing extra money out of your patients – sick people with lots of medical bills already. If you find a celebrity clientelle you may be able to make it but I wouldn’t be surprised to see your office for rent soon. I had come to think you all were different from the rest of the medical world that is so messed up, but now I fear you’re not.  Actually, you are – because you don’t even take insurance! That is WORSE! I don’t know how many patients you’ve lost now, but you’re not the victim – we are. Because treatment that we relied on, that worked for us, has been taken away from us, with no warning.Can you help us understand why this is the decision you are making because my daughter and husband, too, and I are very disappointed.

    • hi Sarah
      thanks for the email. You are correct. Your insurance company will reimburse you for what your insurance company and you have agreed upon according to your insurance plan. We collect up front the price of our treatment and then we can show you how to collect the money you and your insurance company have agreed upon according to your plan with them. In this way you would get back the amount your insurance agreed to pay for when you signed up with your insurance company. We have talked with an insurance company (namely blue cross) and they have told us patients can expect reimbursement from them in 7 to 30 days. From our experience your insurance companies actually pay you sooner than they were paying us. This was a big and tough decision for me to make. I was unable to keep the doors open due to having to hire two front office people to attempt to collect the money patient’s insurance companies had agreed to pay but were not paying. Even with two front office people fighting daily with patient’s insurance companies we were not collecting what they had agreed to pay us.

      We actually have a box on the wall donation based treatment option for those who cannot afford to come so please let me know if you need help.
      we have been able to help quite a few people now with these donation based treatment sessions. Our phone number is 619.543.1470

      If you truly need our help we are there for you; This was my way of being able to continue working and helping as a manual therapist.
      Ralph Havens PT OCS IMTC certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner

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