Mesothelioma – Integrative medicine / therapy / Matrix Energetics Approaches

July 20, 2010

Mesothelioma.com is proud to partner with practitioners of integrative therapies such as massage, reiki, and Craniosacral therapy. Integrative programs complement traditional treatments for mesothelioma cancer extremely well, and add to the efficacy of the overall treatment regimen. Often the debilitating effects of mesothelioma radiation or chemotherapy can limit the patient’s ability to recover from these treatments. When practiced in conjunction with traditional therapies, integrative techniques such as those practiced here, allow for a patient to extend not only mesothelioma prognosis, but prognoses for other aggressive malignancies.

For More information on Complimentary Alternative Medicine and Integrative Manual Therapy and Matrix Energetics as well as the research related to various diagnosis you can visit the sites below:

www.missionhillspt.com For Matrix Energetics and Integrative Manual Therapy in San Diego CA and Vancouver BC

www.missionhillspt.wordpress.com Blog on treatment options for variety of conditions including mesothelioma, and other chronic conditions.

www.visualizehealth.net Health Coaching and Matrix Energetics Site

http://www.manualtherapyresearch.com/      Medical Research related to complimentary alternative medicine, massage and matrix energetics and diagnosis from A to Z

http://matrixenergeticsnow.com/CranioSacral_Therapy.php Manual Therapy approach to mesothelioma and other diagnosis.

http://www.theburnhamreview.org/ Research Site for CAM, Massage Therapy,

http://www.centerimt.net/Matrix_Energetics_Library.html Research related to Matrix Energetics and Health Coaching

http://theburnhamreview.net/CranioSacral_Therapy_Crania.php Research site


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