Matrix Energetics – Blogs and articles from around the web

December 28, 2009

Hi Everyone,

For anyone wanting more information on matrix energetics I’ve listed blogs here from a variety of practitioners.

We have some articles on our blog as well.  Just scroll down to find them.  We have certified Matrix Energetics practitioners working with us including Kim Burnham PhD, Ralph Havens, PT OCS IMTC, Cathie Wegryzn PT.




  1. Thanks for putting this up . I am very interested in ME, have not attended a seminar and would like to have more information about experiences of results.


    • hi Percy,
      M.E. has been great for us at Mission Hills PT
      are you in town?
      if you want a demo we could do that for you.
      let us know
      Ralph Havens

      • hi Percy
        MatrixEnergetics.com has basically totally super charged my practice; what use to take 100 hours of integrative manual therapy is now done with a few sessions or less sometimes. it’s not what I do anymore; but how I show up in the space and allow for transformation. It’s been pretty amazing; we’re all doing it at our office now; here’s my description of matrix energetics http://missionhillspt.com/matrix_energetics

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