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Matrix Energetics – Blogs and articles from around the web

December 28, 2009

Hi Everyone,

For anyone wanting more information on matrix energetics I’ve listed blogs here from a variety of practitioners.

We have some articles on our blog as well.  Just scroll down to find them.  We have certified Matrix Energetics practitioners working with us including Kim Burnham PhD, Ralph Havens, PT OCS IMTC, Cathie Wegryzn PT.


Matrix Energetics – the science and art of transformation – links and blogs

December 18, 2009

Hi everyone, I’m including a list of blogs and books that I have come across; some that we’re recommended by Richard Bartlett, DC, ND in his classes on Matrix Energetics and some that I’ve come across from other sources.  Here’s my list for today!


Matrix Energetics – The Science and Art of Transformation – Kim Burnham, PhD, IMTC, Certified Matrix Energetics Practioner

December 15, 2009

Kim Burnham, MT, PhD Bio at Mission Hills PT

Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner

January 5th – 15th, 2010  at Mission Hills Physical Therapy – San Diego, CA

Kimberly Burnham, MT, PhD

In 2006, Kimberly Burnham added a PhD in Integrative Medicine to her 15 year as a
 manual therapy practitioner. This added to the richness and breadth of her experience and
 specialization in working with people dealing with neurological and visual disorders. Her
 dissertation topic was “The Effect of Integrative Manual Therapy on the Symptom’s of 
Parkinson’s disease.  ”
Kim is certified in Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT). Her 10 plus years at the Center for 
Integrative Manual Therapy and Diagnostics (CenterIMT) were spent treating clients at the 
headquarters in Bloomfield, CT and as the clinical manager in Boulder, CO. Her job titles
 included, instructor for the Connecticut School of Integrative Manual Therapy; Director of
 Knowledge Management, Director of Neurodegenerative Disorders, and Director of Vision IMT.
A licensed Massage Therapist, Kim graduated from Sutherland-Chan (Toronto,1993)
where she later taught clinical courses. She also studied cranial work focused on holistic healing, headaches, back pain, fatigue, neurological conditions, cranial circulation and more through the
 Upledger Institute, The Milne Institute, Canadian College of Osteopathy and had a private 
practice in Toronto for 5 years before joining the staff at CenterIMT.
The thing Kim loved most about working for CenterIMT was the opportunity to see
positive changes in clients with a dismal medical forecast. She has had the good fortune to see
 so many positive changes, changes that many would consider miraculous or impossible. That 
experience has really ignited her ability to see that anything is possible.
 At CenterIMT, Kim enjoyed traveling and broadening her global perspective on health.  
She consulted with clients in Hong Kong, Israel and Italy, as well as treating people from all
over the world in Bloomfield, CT. One highlight was speaking at the “Defeat Autism Now” 2007
conference in Verona, Italy. In 2008, she spoke about “Using Complementary and Alternative 
Medicine for Alzheimer’s Disease” at the Connecticut Alzheimer’s Association annual meeting.  To her clinical practice, Kim brings expertise as a Certified Hypno-therapist and Certified
 Matrix Energetics Practitioner. These tools allow her to interact with the client holistically,
 focus on shifts and help clients see significant improvements in symptoms. She has a strong 
grasp on reference material, research and morphic fields, which she taps into during treatment sessions.
  Familiar with a wide range of nutritional therapies, Kim is a nutritional specialist (2006)
and studied homotoxicology (2004) with Heel and phyto-therapy (2009) with Kerry Bones  .
A proficient writer with the ability to clearly explain health concerns and hands-on
 approaches, Kim is the editor of The Burnham Review, a twice monthly e-newsletter reviewing 
the medical and scientific evidence supporting the use and benefits of manual therapy, energy
 medicine and other forms of complementary and alternative medicine  .
Referring to the first time working with an individual, Kim says, “I believe, what we
expect and observe, influences what we get. People in my practice can expect my full attention
 as well as positive changes and progress with their goals. It is best to come to the first session 
having thought about your goals. If anything, truly anything, can shift about your health, you r
life, your relationships, your way of being in the world, what do you want? What does “better” 
look and feel like for you.”

Advanced Integrative Manual Therapist Kim Burnham, MT, PhD at MHPT

Hi all

We are fortunate to be able to bring in to our clinic Kim Burnham, MT, PhD, advanced practitioner in Integrative Manual Therapy © and Matrix Energetics Certified Practioner.

She has advanced skills in Integrative Manual Therapy with neurodegenerative disorders and vision therapy and will be working with us January 5th – 15th, 2010.    Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who may need her help.

In particular people with vision problems, and neurodegenerative disorders;   Her PhD was in Integrative Manual Therapy and the results with a Parkinson’s patient.  You can go to her website   Her website has a lot of information on a variety of research and information about integrative manual therapy.

We will be taking clients for her schedule on a first come / first serve basis, but will give special consideration for people with more involved conditions.  Multiple hour sessions will be available.  Please call Susan as she is setting up Kim’s schedule and can give you more details. We may have the opportunity to have her here for 2 weeks if the client load warrants this.

This is a big opportunity to get the help people need.

Ralph Havens, PT OCS IMTC
, Susan Williams, office manager
 Mission Hills Physical Therapy 
928 Ft. Stockton dr. Ste 201
San Diego, Ca 92103



Matrix Energetics – The Science and Art of Transformation

December 12, 2009

What is Matrix Energetics and how can it help me?

Here’s the deal.  Used to be, I would ask clients if a treatment took away their pain.  Or if we had changed their pain level, when they would seek me out for treatment.  Since tapping into the world of Matrix Energetics, I no longer ask that question.

What I do ask is, “What do you notice that is different?”  You may say “so what”.  Have you ever heard the expression, “don’t look where you don’t want to go”?  It’s like when you are riding a motorcycle on a windy road on the edge of a mountain.  The one place you don’t look is over the edge where you could fall.

Many times when injured, clients will dwell on the injury, testing to see whether it’s still there; upset when it is, and worried if it will return when it’s better. I know I’ve done this many times in the past.  This puts us in a duality; a fight against the problem.  Problem is that’s “looking where you don’t want to go”; and what happens when we fight something?  It persists.  Think of the war on terrorism, or war on drugs or war on poverty.  Please tell me a war on something we’ve won lately!  It’s hard to find.

With Matrix Energetics we utilize the unlimited healing potential of __________.  The reason I leave a blank is that once you name __________, it’s not that.  If you did want to name it you could call it grace, the field, God, the zero-point field, or any other name; but once you name it you limit it; and it’s not that.  In fact it’s no thing, and every thing.  Sounds confusing; that’s good if it’s confusing that leaves a little “wiggle room”.  This allows for the potential for the universe or grace or whatever it is to slip in and transform.

These are not new ideas, but have been alluded to and described throughout time in various traditions from Christianity, Buddhism, Yoga, and Quantum Physics perspectives. Even Yoda alluded to it when he said “there is no try, only do”.  He didn’t’ get it totally right according to Dr. Bartlett;  It’s more like “Just Be”.   Kinda like the bible verse that says “be still and know that I am God”.  What this says to me is “Be still” and what happens when I’m still?  “I know”.  And what do I know?….. “God”.  And what is God?  Definitely something we can’t explain or put in a word.  While I’ve studied many methods, it wasn’t until I met Dr. Richard Bartlett, that I saw how it can be tapped in order to allow healing and transformation on a real and quantifiable level.  Dr. Bartlett was given a gift and shown a powerful way to access that healing space and has been able to teach us how to access it as well.  I feel I am giving him the well-deserved credit for the way I’m explaining this now.

What I’m talking about is not only healing the injury someone comes in to fix up; but also changing in ways that we could not even predict or imagine.  For example, I’ve recently had a client tell me they are grateful for having had their shoulder injury because they would not have found us and the other changes in their life would not have happened if they had not had a reason to come in.  This client now has significant changes in longstanding hands and feet numbness, improvements in her relationship, improvements in her mood and a real sense of peace for the first time in her life.  She even reported no longer fighting with her significant other.  Her shoulder is also no longer hurting or limited.

Now when we ask “what’s different since the last treatment” we get answers that continue to amaze and inspire us.  And we know that we didn’t do it.  How could we make changes like that?  We can’t.  But we can now access the space that allows for healing to occur.  And healing can happen on all levels.

Jen, Danielle, Cathie and I are excited to have this to offer people and want to share it.  We are available for group demos or a short individual demo session.  Please contact us and we can set up a time to experience Matrix Energetics and tap into the field of transformation.

For more information on Dr. Richard Bartlett you can check out his books Matrix Energetics and The Physics of Miracles.

Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC

Mission Hills Physical Therapy

928 Ft. Stockton Dr. Suite 201

San Diego, CA 92103


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