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New Gluten free restaurant!!! in Del Mar

October 30, 2009

hi all,

The Del Mar Rendezvous Restaurant in Del Mar

we recently found a gluten-free restaurant and wanted to pass along the information to you all.

We have been serving gluten-free dishes for all five years of our existence and I recently created a gluten-free menu (attached) which we have available to our guests in the restaurant and advertise as available on our lunch and dinner menus. We also post the gluten-free menu on our website in both an html and .pdf format, have separate buttons on our computer for the gluten-free menu to avoid confusion, and have either myself or the other manager double check that the items were made as requested by the kitchen before they head to the tables. In order to create gluten-free dishes we purchase a much more expensive gluten-free soy sauce but do not feel it fair to charge more for the plates, even though this affects our margins, so we do not. I look forward to hearing back and being a part of your wonderful resource. The Gluten-Free Menu is available at: The PDF Gluten-Free Menu is available at: A map and directions to the restaurant are available at: Some other notes about our restaurant and our Gluten-Free Menu: 1. Our Gluten-free menu has over 40 items. 2. We have 18 lunch specials on our Gluten-free lunch menu (11 of which are $9.95 or less). 3. We have been making Gluten-Free dishes for the entire 5 years of our restaurant’s existence (and never had a complaint or reported incident of anyone becoming ill from our food, Gluten-Free or otherwise) 4. On our computers we have a section dedicated to our Gluten-Free items which specifically instructs the kitchen to make the dishes with our Gluten-free soy sauce and/or make other modifications as needed. Additionally the servers are required to notify the kitchen and one of the managers whenever a table requests a Gluten-free dish as an additional fail-safe. 5. Awards/Reviews: -2009 10 News A-List for San Diego’s Best Chinese Restaurant -2007 10 News A-List for San Diego’s Best Asian Fusion Restaurant -AOL City’s Best Chinese Restaurant 2006, 2007, 2008 -4/5 Stars on Yelp -3.5/4 Stars in the San Diego Reader Thank you, Dan Schreiber Manager, Del Mar Rendezvous Rest: (858) 755-2669 Cell: (619) 507-9734


Qi Gong workshop Healing Sounds – Transformation

October 11, 2009


Thanks to all those of you who attended our last intensive hosted by the Red Lotus Society in downtown San Diego.  More than 20 of us participated in the three-hour intensive with movement, meditation and sound.
We would like to invite you all to our NEXT QIGONG HEALING INTENSIVE,
coming up on the 25th of October in Encinitas.  This enjoyable, intensive healing day will take form at Stillpoint Presence in Encinitas.
Many of us have mentioned the need or wish to develop the sounds healing practice after Mingtong’s wonderful last workshop at the Zen Center.  We will share our intensive practice with you in a day of physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

In this QIGONG HEALING INTENSIVE we will be exploring:

The 5 healing sounds, their relationship to the organs and emotions unique to each, plus the underlying intention (Yishi) of this practice
A simple and quick tool for TRANSFORMING an intense emotion at any given moment
Preparatory techniques (Chen Qi, La Qi and SBM) that help open the channels and    meridians in the body and make this method even more powerful
The power of organ visualization
The underlying power of repetition in revealing the healing power of the Qi Field
LOCATION: Stillpoint Presence, Encinitas
WHEN:       Sunday, October 25th from 11:00am to 6:00 pm
with a one-hour lunch break (please bring your lunch and plenty of water)
PRICE:        Sliding scale point from $50 – $90
Space is limited, please register by calling  760.550.9895
or email us at

Daniela’s class at Red Lotus Society is gaining more energy each week, please come enjoy her unique style of teaching
Come and join us for Dani’s birthday & class on the 19th!
WHERE: The Ideal Studio
LOCATION: 546 3rd Ave San Diego, CA
WHEN: Every Monday at 7.30pm
You are welcome to visit our other classes in Encinitas, Leucadia and San Diego’s Mission Hills.  If you have paid in advance for a class, you are not restricted to a given location.
Share the power of the qifiield wiith a friend – empower yourself!

For more information about us, please
call us at 760.550.9895
or email us at
Breath in and Smile!,
Daniela & Federico
Community Feedback – Thank you!
Since re-starting QiGong we have had so many wonderful things come into our lives I’m sure I’m leaving some out
Basically, since starting Qi Gong with Master Ming Tong Gu and Federico Garcia, our lives have been enriched and blessed in ways too numerous and varied to fully express.  We thought we were positive and hopeful before qigong but the difference is amazing.  Heartfelt thanks to Ming Tong Gu and Federico Garcia.

Ralph Havens

owner Mission Hills Physical Therapy San Diego

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my QiGong success story – with special thanks to Sharon Giammatteo PT, PhD

October 9, 2009

My first introduction to QiGong came a few years ago when my friend Patty told me I should go to the Tibetan Healing Center in Hillcrest because Master Ming Tong Gu was doing something called a “healing circle”. Well, after a few weeks of encouragement from Patty, I finally made it.  I felt such overwhelming energy, I had to leave half way through the event.  I wasn’t sure what was happening but I wasn’t sure it was good for me.  It was a feeling I hadn’t had and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t harmful.  Strange because I had been doing some energetic type work as part of my work as a physical therapist

I returned and started to understand that this feeling was the Chi energy field; I came to look for it and when I felt it, I knew it was doing something good.  I wasn’t sure what it was but I liked the effect.  I felt more relaxed and this sense of ease lasted for hours and even into the rest of the week.

I ended up taking Ming Tong Gu’s level one and two workshops and was progressing in my QiGong practice.  Then I had a series of accidents including being hit by a car and twisting ankles.  It was a strange time for me.  Now I realize this would have been a good time to continue with my QiGong, but I felt demoralized and quit doing it.  I actually stopped doing it mostly, for the next few years.

During these years, my friend Patty would ask me almost weekly if I had done my QiGong; Usually I just laughed it off; but I stared realizing I would go back to it at some point.  It took years before I would return.

We’ll September 2009 was approaching and some things I had read, indicated that this was an important time, and that much change was in store for the planet and for people.  I saw that Ming Tong Gu was doing a healing circle at UCSD in mid September 2009 so I decided to go.  He had a two day workshop going that weekend and I ended up taking the 2nd day’s class with my fiance, Jen.  We agreed to do our QiGong daily again.

Something Ming Tong said really hit home.  He told us how doing QiGong on a regular basis was a way to get “the secret” of “The Secret”. He encouraged us to try QiGong instead of our usual practice of meditation or relaxation and see what happens.  Well we did and that is when our world changed.  I mean we had things going pretty well but September 2009 was when our office was having difficult times.  We had 3 front office people leave the office and 3 physical therapists leave as well for a variety of reasons; re-locating etc.  Bottom line the world was looking a bit unsettled.  Somehow I didn’t feel worried but I thought it was a very good time to do QiGong on a daily basis.  I had no idea all the changes to come.

Since re-starting QiGong we have had so many wonderful things come into our lives I’m sure I’m leaving some out.  We had our friend and colleague Kim Burnham, PhD contact us from the east coast and she started working with us. Kim brought amazing results to our patients and inspired us to learn a method she was using called Matrix Energetics. We had news that one and possibly two physical therapists were moving to San Diego and wanted to join our team. Kim told us about Richard Bartlett, DC, ND and his classes and method Matrix Energetics and we took his classes in Coronado, CA.  This truly blessed us with a turbo-charge of our Integrative Manual Therapy work and our daily QiGong practice.  Our patients started responding even quicker and with more complete recovery than with our Integrative Manual Therapy methods; and this was amazing to us as the Integrative Manual Therapy was already a powerful method for us.  We were attracted to some QiGong practitioners from Encinitas, namely Federico Garcia at and we started bringing him in for weekly classes at Mission Hills Physical Therapy.  This has brought much healing and health for ourselves, our patients and our friends.

Basically, since starting Qi Gong with Master Ming Tong Gu and Federico Garcia, our lives have been enriched and blessed in ways too numerous and varied to fully express.  We thought we were positive and hopeful before qigong but the difference is amazing.  Heartfelt thanks to Ming Tong Gu and Federico Garcia as well as Richard Bartlet.  I also want to thank with great appreciation and respect my good friend and teacher Sharon Giammatteo, PT, PhD whose work Integrative Manual Therapy started me on my journey.  Sharon told me that her purpose was to help people get healthy enough to get on their own surfboard so they could take their own wave.  This she has done for me and any thanks would not be complete without thanking her and her team at CenterIMT.

Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC

Mission Hills Physical Therapy

San Diego, CA 92103