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QiGong at Mission Hills Physical Therapy

August 27, 2009

Ming Tong Gu

Presentation and Healing Event led by Master Mingtong Gu

Wednesday September 2nd 2009 at 7 pm
Mission Hills Physical Therapy
928 Ft. Stockton Dr. Ste 201,
San Diego, CA 92103
RSVP 619.543.1470

Wisdom Healing Qigong “Awakening life energy for self-healing and the healing of others”

In this presentation, Master Mingtong Gu will introduce the principles of Qigong and its healing effect, including CT scan showing the process of dissolving a tumor with Qigong treatment; Key elements of Qigong healing and the power of connecting the Universal Primal Chi; And learn simple method of working with healing energy field. He will share the universal tools for improving your health and well being, as he guides participants in an extraordinary, life changing, energy healing experience in the creative universal Chi field.

Through gentle movement, visualization, sound and conscious intention, Qigong is an experiential way to address the underlying causes of your life challenge, totality of the body and its connection with emotion, mind and spirit. Changing the energy within oneself is the foundation of positive change and healing. With intensive support of the group, Master Gu will lead you to the complete practice of energy healing for self and others, and activate your gift of healing to the full potential. The practice will open major energy centers and enhance energy flow within, releasing negative energy pattern/imprints from the past. You will learn to organize a Chi Field for connecting with the universal primal source and participate in a very powerful Healing Circle. We will share the skill and practice of transmitting chi for curing the incurable and healing others without depleting your own chi. It will enhance your well-being, spiritual awareness and creativity.

Inquire for information on Wisdom Healing Qigong workshops, classes, and private Qigong Healing Sessions by Master Gu at Chi Healing Center or and further info at


QiGong with Master Ming Tong Gu Wednesday Sept 2nd

August 27, 2009

Dear friends,

I would like to invite you to our first Wisdom Healing Qigong Community event to be held next Wednesday, September 2nd from 7:15 PM to 8:30 PM.  Master Mingtgong Gu will be available to present on Wisdom Healing Qigong and answer our practice questions.  Our friends Ralph Havens and Jen Toussant of Mission Hills Physical Therapy will be our hosts.

I have been hearing many positive and encouraging reports regarding the practice of LQUPQD during and after our classes and events. Your enthusiasm in the results on your well-being plus the positive life-changes are wonderful to hear.  I wonder if you might be willing to share your experience in writing so that it can serve as an inspiration to all those beginning the practice or in the middle of a challenging life situation.  If you do, please email a brief description of whatever inspires you in your practice or connected to your life situation, you can include your name or initial if you want (I will post the messages as you send them).  I will post all the comments in a new page of the website dedicated to sharing our experience and supporting our community – Thank you in advance.

Due to the limited time available in our classes we are usually unable to formally acknowledge each other in this way – however spontaneous expressions from yourself are what this is all about!  Therefore please feel free to share in our groups or in writing for all to hear.

Please visit for updated class information and maps.

in gratitude,



How old can you go? thoughts of Dr. Roizen

August 13, 2009

“Disease prevention is not the same as wellness”  a quote from Dr. Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic.  Dr. Roizen’s Cleveland Clinic has been able to reverse chronic disease in over 80% of cases; and they did it through therapeutic lifestyle change programs.  Basically teaching people to eat right, exercise and decrease stress.  Sounds simple, but in reality most Americans have no clue how to eat right.

In the current Health Care Debate, it is refreshing to hear doctors, like Dr. Roizen talking about how we cannot just insure all our citizens with our current medical system.  Our current system is just not working.  We are currently ranked 37th in the world in health care as measured by how long we live, how many chronic diseases we deal with, and infant mortality.  Our current system is not working and to merely insure all Americans and use this same system is probably not the answer.

We need to quit poisoning ourselves with our food choices. We need to be taught how to shop for food; how to cook it and how to eat it!  This is where Therapeutic Lifestyle Change programs (TLC) or FirstLine Therapy programs (FLT) come into play.  These programs have been proven to clear chronic conditions.  You can google either of those terms and see research from the National Institutes of Health on how to reverse chronic disease or go to for information.

We have TLC or FLT programs that can teach you how to put these ideas to work for you.  Twelve week programs to get you on the track to doing what Dr. Roizen recommends to reverse chronic disease and live better, longer, healthier lives.

You can listen to Dr. Roizen’s comments at

and can get information on our TLC or FLT programs at

Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC