Calf cramps – simple effective self-reflexology techniques

May 1, 2009

hi everyone!

I wanted to pass along a very simple and effective self-treatment technique I learned a few years ago.  It works great for calf cramps, shin splints, ankle pains, leg spasms and even knee pain and sciatica.  It works best with shin splints and calf cramps.  If you have these conditions I recommend doing these exercises 3 to 5 times /day on each foot. First just test your gait by walking and noticing which leg feels tighter in general.  Then do the exercise on one foot; you just press a hard tennis ball with your foot on these very specific spots.

The first exercise has a pic at     http://www.flickr.com/photos/25505496@N04/2631981969/in/photostream/

the other exerises you can do the spots which are on the side of the foot by placing the tennis ball against a wall or cabinet and angling your foot to put pressure on the side of foot spots.  Do the inner side of the foot 3 spots with direct tennis ball pressure ( don’t move around just press and hold down) and then do the outer side of the foot with 3 spots with direct tennis ball pressure.

Then do the 3 spots behind the ball of the foot and 3 spots in the middle of the arch and 3 spots just in front of the heel.

Here is a pic of the spots.  http://www.califmall.com/footherapy.html

If you still want more pics please call us and we can fax another description to you ; just call Susan at 619.543.1470 or email me at ralph@missionhillspt.com


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