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Why Nutrasweet (aspartame) is to be avoided at all costs

May 25, 2009

Hi everyone,  There is so much data now on why Nutrasweet (aspartame) is to be avoided, it’s amazing it is still on the market.  I found a blog of someone with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia who is going to get off Nutrasweet and see what changes she notices.  I would recommend watching the movie “sweet misery” is a documentary on how nutrasweet was developed and how the FDA pushed it through despite all research linking it to brain tumors and siezures.  It’s disturbing but if any of your friends or family members have neurological symptoms please get them off this stuff.

Here is the account of the woman trying to get off nutrasweet

Hopefully she also sees the research on gluten sensitivity and it’s relationship to pain syndromes. and

Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC


Running in San Diego

May 24, 2009

Running in San Diego

Over the years I have run competitively and socially in San Diego with many different groups.  Currently I am running with a great group call

They offer group runs at relaxed paces from 7:00 minutes/mile to 10:00 minutes/mile mostly coastal san diego county.  One of the things I like about them is the way the pace always starts slowly 9:00 to 10:00 minutes/mile and then over the first couple of miles works into the various pace groups.

This works well for a variety of reasons:

1.  It allows the group to run together, no matter people’s pace level and visit for a couple of miles.

2.  It allows runner’s bodies to loosen up which prevents injury

3.  It trains the body to start slowly and end at faster paces; this works great as a training tool for runners wishing to race.

The Running Group ( has been a great place for me to run, socialize and meet people from all walks of life and all running pace levels that I would not normally have met.  I am thankful to Greg and his commitment to running in San Diego over the years.  Many of the runs are run out of Movin Shoes Running Stores as well,  a great resource for runners


Gluten free recipe for gluten free bread!

May 12, 2009

HI all

try these recipes for gluten free bread from a cool book we found!


For a list of foods to eliminate to do the gluten free program check out the page from Dr. Tom Giammatteo, PT, DC, ND, IMT C at


How a gluten free diet helped clear symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

May 6, 2009

Here is a letter a patient wrote us with her experience using a gluten free diet to help her with symptoms related to Multiple Sclerosis.  Based on the medical literature we instituted a gluten free diet as part of this patient’s Integrative Manual Therapy program.  Her resutls were consistent with the results found in the medical literature.  For more information visit a great research site and search for gluten sensitivity research.  After reading it, I would ask, “which Multiple Sclerosis patient are you not going to tell about a gluten free program?  More info can be found at our site and at ( go to page two and look for Dr. O’Bryan’s gluten sensitivity power point)

————————Here is E.J.’s story…
I can admit that in the past I have been sold snake oil. I have a whole cabinet full of “miracle cures” and another spilling over with various prescriptions from doctors.  I gave up on both a long time ago, especially about 3 years ago when my MS was constantly flaring up, each time robbing me of the use of my legs and landing me in the hospital for months.  Ralph and company were able to ease the pain in my lower back, which in the hospital required IV pain meds.  This was tremendous, but the most progress came 5 months ago when I eliminated gluten from my diet.  Ralph provided me with a wealth of information and research from highly regarded medical journals.  This eased my neuroscience-oriented mind, and the snake oil alarm in my head never went off, there were no red flags, and instead of the fake hope I’d experienced before, I felt real hope.

My life began 26 years ago, took a turn at 20 with my MS diagnosis, stalled completely 3 years ago, and began again 5 months ago.  I remember telling Ralph after being gluten free 2-3 months that I felt I had already made up for the 2 1/2 – 3 years I was in and out of the hospital.  Within a month of going gluten free, I knew something wonderful was happening – life was livable again, constant fatigue replaced by constant energy, and the spasticity in my legs I had experienced daily was gone.  Even my neurologist, who does not speak in non-pharmaceutical terms, could not find any trace of it.  His response to all of these positive changes after gluten-free: “You can’t argue with results like this!”.

Doctors and MS groups look at me with jaws dropped to the floor.  I make sure and tell them about having gone gluten-free. I see such a high likelihood for fast improvement that I recommend at least trying a gluten-free diet to all my friends with MS, other neurological problems, and even those who are healthy but say they “could be better.”  It can’t hurt to try, and you never know just how amazing the results might be.

E.J. April 2009


Calf cramps – simple effective self-reflexology techniques

May 1, 2009

hi everyone!

I wanted to pass along a very simple and effective self-treatment technique I learned a few years ago.  It works great for calf cramps, shin splints, ankle pains, leg spasms and even knee pain and sciatica.  It works best with shin splints and calf cramps.  If you have these conditions I recommend doing these exercises 3 to 5 times /day on each foot. First just test your gait by walking and noticing which leg feels tighter in general.  Then do the exercise on one foot; you just press a hard tennis ball with your foot on these very specific spots.

The first exercise has a pic at

the other exerises you can do the spots which are on the side of the foot by placing the tennis ball against a wall or cabinet and angling your foot to put pressure on the side of foot spots.  Do the inner side of the foot 3 spots with direct tennis ball pressure ( don’t move around just press and hold down) and then do the outer side of the foot with 3 spots with direct tennis ball pressure.

Then do the 3 spots behind the ball of the foot and 3 spots in the middle of the arch and 3 spots just in front of the heel.

Here is a pic of the spots.

If you still want more pics please call us and we can fax another description to you ; just call Susan at 619.543.1470 or email me at