stories from the gluten free front

April 22, 2009

Interesting stories  from the gluten free world.
First are two stories of people who we helped without even seeing them in the clinic.  Two people who never had to make an appointment and never even paid us for any treatment!

First is a friend and runner who asked me to help him with his leg/back pain.  He is a runner who has over 75 marathons to his credit!  I assessed him in a parking lot in Encinitas and found signs of gluten sensitivity; namely positive signs at his cecum and iliocecal valve indicative of inflammation; this is a clear sign in Integrative Manual Therapy of Gluten Sensitivity.  So I gave him some research sites on gluten sensitivity and left it at that.  I knew we were busy in the clinic and if he did do the gluten free program he would at least be helped some and might not even need us.

The following week at the run, my friend unsolicited told me he was going to buy me breakfast!  I asked why and he said being gluten free for a week, he not only cleared his back and leg pain but his arthritis pains in his hands were no longer present and most surprising to him ( not to me) was his blood pressure which dropped from 140/90 to 120/80.  I saw him a week later and he continues to feel great.

The other one is a story of an acquaintence I run with who asked me to look at his leg/back.  He had been having a 6 month history of IT band pain.  Upon questioning him, I found that he also had a perplexing eye problem; he was unable to read or watch TV or computer at night due to severe eye strain/pain.  Again, I found signs indicative of gluten sensitivity.  Is anyone out there not sensitive to gluten????  It is apparently very common; at least in the people who come to me for help with pain.

Anyway, long story/short, he had complete resolution of his back and leg pain in 2 weeks and complete resolution of his eye symptoms in about 2 months!  He even noticed an improvement in his gastric reflux and he no longer felt depressed.  He had not even known he was depressed until it cleared and he noticed how much clearer he felt.

What these stories tell me is that if you have chronic pains, conditions, or other inflammatory conditions, you may have good results trying a gluten free diet.  Just try it for 3 months; but you have to do it 100% or it won’t work.  99% gives no results; 100% is what works.  Sad but true from our clinical experience and from the research findings.  The Mayo clinic now says the gold standard to test for gluten sensitivity is 3 months gluten free; this is due to the large number of false negatives with blood tests.

Please look throughout this blog for resources on how to go gluten free; From the www.missionhillspt.com site you can link to the articles to find gluten free how to program.

email me your successes at ralph@missionhillspt.com

it would be awesome to see some successes from people who just read this!

Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC



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  1. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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