Balancing Manifestation and Appreciation of the Now

January 13, 2009

Thoughts on Balancing Manifestation and Appreciation of the Now

Happy New Year from Mission Hills Physical Therapy!

Just as the holidays seem to be a time of reflection and gratitude for the year past, January is the traditional time for yes, you guessed it, New Years Resolutions.  Contrary to popular culture, I personally prefer the idea (and freedom) of year-long self-improvement.  That being said, the slow, fresh month of January does lend itself well to clearing the mind (and the slate), taking a deep breath, and setting a trajectory for the year to come.

This year, I was particularly inspired. I found myself in a flurry of goal review, goal writing, organizing, inspirational decorating and the like.  I created quite a place, space, and mindset of manifestation.

About a week of goal-oriented focus and powerful “manifestation meditation” later, I could feel the clarity and excitement, but also an edge in the air.  Thankfully, part of my ritual included some sun salutations and “just for today” type mantras – both of which bring me into my body, into the present, and into a place of gratitude for the moment.  While flowing through my vinyasa (yoga poses), the realization hit me.  I was finding myself constantly focused on the “goal,” the end-point, “product,” or outcome; my “future movie.”  I needed to pause and have appreciation for that which I already have.  Life is NOW, only now, and never anytime else.  Inner peace comes with complete acceptance of the present moment, state, and situation.  Not to mention, this current moment, state, and situation is what I have been working to manifest for the past month, year, maybe even 10 years.

Should I even try and purposefully manifest, then? I still say YES!  Purposefully manifesting is one of the amazing, joyous experiences of this life.  What a great way to learn, grow, and challenge oneself.  It may even be a form of appreciation itself – a way to interact with and be present with the potential that is all around us.  That being said, at least for me, it is important to intentionally balance that with life in the Now, taking pleasure in the present moment, having appreciation for that which currently IS, independent of any future manifestations.

So, whether you write resolutions, organize your goals, or simply toast to the New Year, here’s to great joy in the process of manifestation, as well as peace and happiness in the very moment you are manifesting in!

Jen Toussant, MHPT Field Correspondent


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